It’s very natural to teach the way you were taught, or the way you taught the class last time, or even in a way that “feels right” to you. While any of these approaches could very well lead to effective instruction, they connote an approach that is unexamined. Deliberate instruction, in contrast, takes teaching as a complex and purposeful act that can benefit from reflection, analysis, and a growth mindset.

In this blog, I hope to address a wide range of issues related to teaching and learning – and to do so with a deliberate instruction approach. The goal is not only to share my analysis but also to inspire new teaching strategies that will enhance students’ learning. And then, to cultivate a mindset that asks “How could I do that better next time?”. (Folks who know me will recognize this in terms of my longstanding mantra: progressive refinement.)

I anticipate a fun ride because I love talking (and thinking and conducting research) about teaching and learning. I do all those activities professionally as director of a university teaching center, teaching professor of psychology, learning science researcher, author, and more. I also find myself engaged in those activities at home on a daily basis (well, maybe not the research…).

So, take a look around, and whether you’re a teacher or not, I hope you’ll find something interesting or useful!